Library to start fundraising for renovations

By Derreck Stahly

CHURUBUSCO — Books everywhere but not enough space to read.

That’s about to change, as Churubusco’s Public Library prepares to nearly double its space.

After a feasibility study was conducted in September 2016, it was determined that the public library could add on 2,550 square feet to the existing building. This expansion would stretch from the main building toward Washington Street.

This additional space would provide for a community room that can be used for meetings and a children’s room to encourage youth participation. It will also allow the library to increase its total book collection by one-third.

All of the renovations will cost about $1.3 million. Rachel Eyermann, library director, said the library uses all of its budget for the daily operations of the library, and she will have to do additional fundraising for the new renovations. Eyermann hopes through fundraisers and grants, the money can be raised by next year.

The plan is to fundraise and obtain grants to pay for the new renovations.

“Whatever can bring in money — we will do. I’m currently looking into it, but I expect we will be doing a GoFundMe page or Kickstarter, some kind of crowdfunding,” Eyermann said.

Apart from crowdfunding, Eyermann wants to do bake sales, fish fries and apply for grants to help bring in the necessary funds. Construction will start after the total cost of the expansion to the library is raised.

The library will host a fundraiser committee meeting March 29 at 6 p.m. at the library. Everyone in the community is encouraged to come, Eyermann says.

The meeting is to help generate ideas and get people excited to volunteer with the library.

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