Library program encourages writer

Going with her husband on an errand, one of their outside cats took an unexpected ride to Argos and back. The more they talked about how cute a story it would make, the more Mrs. Beck though of making a story like the students at Cornerstone had done.

She made the story into the format that the children had done and took it to school. After reading it to the children, she went ahead with publishing ideas. And, as the saying goes, the rest is now history.

A book signing will take place November 6 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Churubusco Public Library.

Mrs. Beck is a native of Ohio. She is married with three children and six grandchildren. She has lived in the Noble/Whitley County areas for over forty years. Over the years she has worked at the Magnavox plant that was in Whitley County and driven school bus for the Central Noble School Corporation. She has been  Brownie and Girl Scout leader; volunteered for over 15 years at the Wesleyan Church Youth Camp in Fairmount, Indiana and volunteered for over 15 years at Cornerstone Christian School, a ministry of Cornerstone Wesleyan Church at Merriam; and since the beginning of the Studio Youth Center in Albion.

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