Letter: Verify your voter registration

Letter to the Editor:

I want to encourage EVERY registered voter to VERIFY that their voter registration has not been tampered with. If it has, you may go to vote and find that someone pretending to be “you” has already voted absentee ballot! You would then not be able to vote! Not only will you not be able to vote but the person who filled out YOUR voter registration form probably would vote the opposite party who you would prefer.

You’ve read in the news that 57 counties in Indiana are undergoing investigation for voter fraud. On Oct. 10, I was volunteering at a phone bank for someone running for office. The list of people we were calling tonight was a list of people who have asked for an absentee ballot to be mailed to their address. The first question we ask is if they have received the absentee ballot for the Nov. 8 election that they requested. The computer called (we don’t actually dial the number; the computer does it for us) one lady and I had confirmed I was talking to the named individual which was shown on our phone screen… along with their address). When I asked her if she had received her absentee ballot for the election, she said that she hadn’t and she had not asked for an absentee ballot.

She lives right across the street from her polling location and has never had a need and still does not have a need to vote absentee! At that point, I told her the address that the computer had pulled up for her address. She had not ever lived at that address which a rural address in Wolcottville. She said she lives in Fort Wayne! I advised her, as I advise you, to go indianavoters.com and check to see if your voter registration has been tampered with….and if it has, to please call the voter registration office in your county. (I did give her the number she should call in Allen County.)

Don’t just check once! Keep checking every few days until you vote! If you find any discrepancies, contact YOUR local voter registration office IMMEDIATELY. If you are uncertain where to call, call your county clerk’s office.

Please check your voter registration. Because if someone has changed your address and voted absentee, when YOU go to vote, you will not be able to vote as your name will already be checked off as having voted by absentee ballot and the person who has changed your voter registration will have voted for the people they choose to see elected… most probably not from the party you belong!

Linda Zimmerman

5747 N. 350 E.

Columbia City


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