Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

I would like to express my opinion on the proposed sewer district for Whitley County. I have read various articles “all pro” to this topic, and let me first state that I recognize there are some valid points to the “pro” side of the proposed district.

I know there are some areas in Whitley County where the sewage problem does need addressed, and I know we need to start taking care of problems threatening our environment.

However, I would like to state some real time facts about this topic that have not been motioned. Like the reason Whitley County’s population has increased over the last five to seven years is that it’s mostly people moving out of Fort Wayne and Allen County due to all the annexing of areas like Aboite Township, etc. Increased property taxes, added sewage increases per month, are making it more expensive to live in said annexed areas, and now looking at real time costs to have said proposed sewer district at a household. It will initially cost between $3,000-4,000 to hook up to said system, then a minimum of $60 a month for said service, and the average person spends roughly 20 years at their household. So the expected long-term cost are an average of $14,400, then add the hook-up cost — $17,000-18,000, then plan on price increases annual over the 20-year span.

For example, the sewage costs monthly for the town of South Whitley over the last five years have increased on average 70 percent and will increase by over 30 percent more over the next three to four years. So, the average monthly costs just for sewage in South Whitley is estimated at $100-120 a month. That’s a car payment.

I need to add that the average cost for a new septic system runs $10,000-11,000 and the average life of a septic system is 25 years. So, you see, it’s far cheaper to have your own septic system versus being in a sewer district with a monthly fee over the lifetime on the property.

I know that the east side of Whitey County is the main target area for said district, especially places that run next to the rivers.

However, most rural properties have more than 2-acre plots and can do a new complete septic system if necessary.

At the end of the day, I’ve heard many complaints about this topic, but no one wants to voice concern for whatever reason. I, therefore, urge all taxpayers that will be negatively affected by this to come forward and let your voices be heard.

Lastly, I can’t help but think about what Ross Perot said, “I became a millionaire by attaching myself to politicians.” So I can’t help but wonder — is there the possibility that someone or some persons will stand to line their pockets from said district at the taxpayers expense or contracting companies?

I for one know that after paying a 34 percent tax rate weekly out of my normal paycheck, I’m more than a little tired of people sticking their hands in “my” pocket. How about you, taxpayer?

James D. Stanley

South Whitley

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