Letter to the editor

Dear editor:

This is an open letter to elected/appointed officials of Whitley County government.

In recent months, I have witnessed the agriculture/water debate in our county, seen the division it is causing between neighbors and community leaders/members. This is very heartbreaking. There are facts and supporting documents for both sides of the disagreement. One thing that reigns constant is both sides want a livable resolution.

Now that most of the meetings are coming to their full circle, negative attacks are happening in our newspapers. As a non-farming agriculture supporter, I would like to offer up to our elected/appointed officials — you are doing a tough job! Stand tall, do things for the right reasons, and the right results will happen.

Not many of us want to go through the election process to open up our lives and take time away from families and activities we enjoy to spend long nights dwelling over policy issues/changes, and having our names blasted for “taking” one side over another. Thank you for your service.

Barbara Bratt

Columbia City

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