Krider: Cameras could make park trail safer

By Nicole Minier

CHURUBUSCO — Installing surveillance cameras on the trails at Churubusco’s Town Park may be a small price to pay for safety and security.

Two weeks after two teenage girls were killed on a park trail in Delphi, Park Supervisor Rick Krider spoke to Churubusco’s Town Council about an incident that happened in the park a few years ago.

A Fort Wayne team came to the ball diamonds to play, and two girls, ages 8 and 10, wandered off near the trail.

“A guy tried to lure them into the woods by the skate park,” Krider said. “Fortunately, one girl grabbed the other and they ran away and told their mom.”

Police searched the woods for the suspect, but no one was ever arrested, Krider said.

“This is not taking away from what happened in Delphi, but it is something we should definitely take a look at,” Krider said.

Krider said he plans to get cost estimates for cameras to bring back to the council at a future meeting.

Also at the council meeting:

• Krider said the scoreboard on Diamond 4 is on its last leg. It is expected to cost about $6,000 for a new sign. He will return with quotes.

• Councilman Frank Kessler returned for his first council meeting of the year after he underwent extensive chemotherapy in Indianapolis in December.• Councilman Bruce Johnson discussed weekly recycling for the town. Columbia City is considering making its recycling pickup weekly rather than every two weeks, at an additional cost to its residents.

• Kyler Ridge Apartments, which will be located near the intersection of Mulberry and Pleasant streets, has been funded. It is unclear when construction will begin, as the company, Keller Development, has three other projects this year.• Sarah Horn approached the council with a request to put a 7-foot fence on her property line. The decision will need to be made by the council because the fence will be near two easements.

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