Keener beats Big Daddy in week 8 contest

Mitch Hoffman gained one on the field this week and has 85 points in the yearly standings. Jeremiah Hansen, Charlie Hansen and Tom Brumbaugh are two points back with 83. Chad Keener is in fifth place with 82 points. Trinna Keener and Wes Gardner are in sixth with 81 points. Juli Sordelet and John Schmidt have 80 points good for eighth place. Cliff Smith, Joey Meriwether, Shane Manth, Ralph Duffitt and Leslie Wegman all have 79 points and are tied for tenth place. 

I moved up three spots as I am slowly making my way up to the top. With the season at the halfway mark and a lot of exciting football left it should make the rest of the year a thrilling quest for the 32” T.V.

Let’s see who has what it takes to remain on the top as the season progresses. We are still looking for that perfect sheet this season. Just maybe it could be mine this week. Good luck to all and let’s see who can Beat Big Daddy in week nine.

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