Kasey Blake wins week 1 of Beat Big Daddy

Brian Bridge finished second with 12 correct picks. David Dolk, Charlie Hansen, Jeff Blake, Cary Blake, Kipp Blake, Leslie Wegman, Trinna Keener, Jim Brumbaugh, Elisha Norris and Bill Baker tied for third with 11 right picks. 

I finished with ten correct picks, tied with 11 others. There were 97 entries for the first week of the contest, about double what we had for an average last season.   

Blake now leads by one pick over Bridge in the quest for the 32” flat screen T.V.

This week’s Friday Night Live at Brevin’s has Hubie and Adam entertaining you in the lounge from 8:00 p.m. -11:00 p.m. Remember to stop in at Brevin’s on Sunday and get your sheet for the next week. It’s a great atmosphere to watch the games and preview the upcoming week’s schedule. You can enter your picks anytime through the week and change them anytime until the deadline expires with the opening kickoff for that week. There were a few who registered that didn’t enter their picks. Any questions contact me at dhiatt@busconews.com. 

Don’t forget that once the deadline has passed you can check out everybody’s picks and see how you stack up against the leaders. Good luck on your picks for the upcoming week. And let’s see who can “Beat Big Daddy.”

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