It’s all about the dough

By Matt Getts

ALBION — A group of some 150 volunteers did something different Friday so others could do something many of us take for granted.

The Arc Noble County Foundations held its second annual pizza-making fundraiser, with workers in three-hour shifts rolling out cruts, and adding sauce and a variety of toppings, before others boxed the pizzas for sale.

When the dough had finally settled, more 2,500 pizzas were made, and the Arc saw its mission bolstered by $10,000.

According to Kay Craig, Arc’s executive director, some of the money has been set aside for the organizaiton’s match for a grant to purchase a new van. The rest of the money will go into the general operating budget.

The Arc helps disabled people reach their full potential as contributing members of society. Through special training programs, the Arc is sending people into the regular work force. Many others do piece work for a variety of factories in the area at the Arc’s Albion location.

Campbell & Fetter Bank’s George Bennett said helping to give people more rewarding lives is important, and that’s why he chose to volunteer.

“It’s the realization of the work that’s done here,” Bennett said. “In life, it’s the sense of accomplishment that gets you up for the day. Anything you can do to help them with that opportunity makes it worth it.”

“The Arc is a very remarkable organization,” retired Noble REMC CEO Monte Egolf said. “It fills a need for very worthy individuals.”

Craig said a poll taken of the Arc’s clients would find that getting to work at a real job is the best thing they like about the Arc.

“It’s the same satisfaction other people get,” Craig said.

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