ISTEP needs to go

I read with great interest an editorial concerning ISTEP recently. I also read a letter from the student concerning the stress it put upon all students that this idiotic system does to them.

I am from the age of the simple letter grade. It seemed to work for me. Then I got to thinking a little further. There were those Founding Fathers, you know, Washington, Jefferson, Adams, those guys. What were their ISTEP scores? Oh, that’s right, there wasn’t ISTEP back then. Then there was that pesky guy Theodore Roosevelt. He once said something like, “It is only through labor and prayerful effort, by grim energy an resolute courage, that we move on to better things.” His ISTEP score? Darn, I forgot again, didn’t have back then for Teddy!

Any you old guys remember Rick Mount? Man, could he shoot a basketball. No three pointers in his day. No ISTEP either. Since it is winter here now it gets real dark, real early. Thank the Lord Almighty He sent us Thomas Alva Edison to create the light bulb. Ole Thom must have had to really sweat it out between the ISTEP tests. Shucks, I did it again! They didn’t have it in his day either.

Now that Henry Ford. There was some guy we would all have to agree. Just think of what he did for America. Not only did he make a car. He made it possible for contractors to make roads and bridges. People to make tires and engine parts. A trillion dollar business all told. Henry must have taken ISTEP IIIII. Or did he even go to school?

And the late John Glenn. A true American Hero! Just imagine being loaded into a capsule on top of what amounted to nothing more than an immense “bomb” and having all your buddies boggie off three miles away just in case the thing exploded! Being launched into space, no guarantee you were going to go up, or come down. What a helluva ISTEP he must have had, huh?

Then there is the real hero, Helen Keller. Not much needs said about her. How did she ever get an ISTEP since she couldn’t read?

And how was it possible that Eero Saarinen was able to create the beauty of our own Concordia Theological Seminary without an ISTEP?

To sum this up …. every time the government gets involved with anything they screw it up. Indianapolis, drop the ISTEP crap, let the teachers teach. It sure worked for those I mentioned and sure worked for about 90 percent of the people reading this. Don’t think so guys? Take a poll.

Dave Cooper, Churubusco

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