Invitation to read cap and trade bill

As it refers to “amending” previous legislation, changes language and verbiage, would in fact require a person to read perhaps tens of thousands of pages of existing legislation to have only an elementary grasp of what is being proposed. Much of the legislation it refers to amending is 20-30 years old. What the House of Representatives has done is craft a bill that is so far reaching, threatening, invasive, and not necessary it truly is cause for great concern.

There is also deceit and lies involved. Please read carefully, very carefully this time line. March 9, 2009 . . . The Treasury Department issued a confidential report to the White House stating H.R. 2454 would increase taxes on the average American by $,1,761.00, or another 15 percent. H.R. 2454 would generate between 100 and 200 billion dollars. This report was only made public upon a request through the Freedom of Information Act. In other words, the White House had it and didn’t tell us.

April 29, 2009 . . . In taped conversations, Henry Waxman, (D) CA District 30, who is one of the sponsors of this bill, stated, “This legislation will cost the average American about 40 cents a day.” That means Chairman Waxman underestimated the cost by 1200, yes, you read right, 1200 percent.

June 25, 2009 . . . The President, at a little news conference, stated, “Cap and Trade” will only cost the average American the cost of a postage stamp per day.”

If you followed the time line you will see that The President of the United States of America had information provided to him as to the true cost implications to us. And he did not tell the truth, but rather hid the facts.

I am but one person. What I have decided to do is issue an invitation to anyone that is interested, to come to my home, or The News office, or the Library, or the Wand, or Egolf’s parking lot, or wherever to look at this legislation. Not to read the whole thing, but to randomly pick a page, and see if it makes sense to you. If after reading any page of this thing you are not in agreement with me, then I must have just arrived from the planet Geektron.

Then I am going to ask that you write Senators Lugar, and Bayh, demanding they kill this bill. Not water it down, but kill it in its entirety. I will also ask you to ask them who the individuals are, (Lawyers, accountants, corporations, nations) who actually wrote this. There is not one person in the House that put pen to paper on this bill. They didn’t even read it!

I am further convinced that our country is being administered by a bunch of rank amateurs. I think what we need in Washington is a single mother of two or three children, working two part-time jobs, and knows the value of a dollar. Remember Barney Frank, (D) MA District 4? “Fanny and Freddie are fundamentally sound.” Six months later . . . CRASH!

Readers, please take me up on my offer to look at this thing. The most it will cost is, oh, I don’t know, about 40 cents, maybe?

Dave Cooper,


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