Interest separate from the electors

It is my opinion that Evan Bayh and every Congressman who voted for any health care reform bill did so after forming an interest separate from the concerns at stake of those who elected them. Sixty-two percent of Hoosiers oppose this health care nonsense yet it is about to become law. Our elected representatives care not a wit for the “consent of the governed.”

Is it time to adopt a second Declaration of Independence, this time from the government in Washington? Will you write such a document and then pledge your life, your fortune and your sacred honor to its fulfillment?

The day this health care bill becomes law, I will be a felon for I have no health insurance. I pledge my all that I will not purchase a health insurance policy or a supplement or a drug program. Come and get me and give to me free health care while I’m in prison. I heard that prison health care is almost as good as what Obama and Bayh get anyway.

Terry L. Smith

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