Indiana Archaeology Month starts September 1

Archaeologists have recorded more than 60,000 sites in Indiana since the early 1800s, helping to shape public understanding of the prehistoric and historic people who also called this land home.

“Archaeology tells us not only about the past but also sheds light about ourselves today and our future,” said Robert E. Carter Jr., DNR director and State Historic Preservation Officer. “Archaeology Month provides a perfect way for Hoosiers to find out how, with programs that are not only educational and informative but also fun.”

A schedule of events and additional information for this year’s Archaeology Month can be found online at, or by contacting Amy Johnson at or (317) 232-1646.

The commemorative poster and shirt designs this year feature an array of prehistoric stone artifacts, all found in Indiana, including projectile points dating back to 8500 B.C.  Shirts are $6 each and can be purchased from the DNR Customer Service Center at 317/232-4200.

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