IHSAA should investigate all alleged violations

The cries have been to “investigate” these schools and it has been implied that they are recruiting out of area students to play football. Our three daughters attended eight years of parochial grade school and four years of public high school. The school they attended was Lawrence North in Indianapolis.Their school has had kids move from all over the State of Indiana, including kids from Marion, Muncie and Terre Haute, just to play basketball there. They even have had kids that move from Africa to play basketball. Is this recruiting? Nothing has been said about this. Warren Central has had assistant coaches pick up kids on a daily basis who live out of their district so they could play football. They also have been caught practicing out of season.  Is this fair? What do you think? Some parochial schools, such as Cathedral, do not even have a home field to play on and sometimes travel to other states to play very challenging opponents.

 This issue seems to come up every year when parochial schools do well. There seems to be a high water mark this year for them in football. However, I do not ever hear about penalizing the Carmel girls swim team for winning over 20 state championships in a row or when public school basketball teams win repeated state championships. The only complaints seem to come when parochial schools do well. This only seems to be a “problem” in football as they do not do nearly as well in other sports.

 I am all for fair play in any sport. High school athletics are a great outlet for students and fans alike to play the game the right way and within the rules of the game. I suggest that the IHSAA investigate any alleged recruiting or other violations and act accordingly. There has been some discussion of having football teams that win two state championships in a row would then be moved to a higher class. What would happen to the 5A schools that do this? Would Carmel, Lawrence North and Warren Central then be sent to Class A? How would the largest schools be penalized? This seems to only apply to Class 1A to 4 A schools. Is that fair? You make the call.

 Again Churubusco can be proud of its football team this year and the great support of the community. I was hoping to see them in Indy for the state finals and will hope for the same next year. Again, great season and good luck next year.


Stan Schenher

Fishers, Indiana

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