Hoping a change comes next November

And how about that Federal Reserve? Lend money to banks at zero percent interest with the hope that the banks will then lend it to us to really make the economy take off! But wait, they, (the banks,) then buy T-bills, get two percent interest, and that clever Fed idea just cost you and me billions in debt added to the national debt. What a great idea. Who ever would have thought of that? Great deal if you can get it.  Then there is that Hope and Change thing. The Hope part pertained to only a select few who had access to Barack Obama. They hoped by bundling a lot of cash for his re-election they could get their way to change the way we get energy. Enter the solar power company Solyndra. A half a trillion dollars later and boom, just like that it disappeared, the company went under. Add to that eight hundred billion in stimulus money to jump start the economy, another couple of trillion here, a couple of trillion there, and now a Jobs Bill, that Congress has to pass right now. Even Dems in the Senate are not going to vote for it. What does that tell you?

How about lobbing Tomahawk missiles at $1.5 million each into Libya without Congressional approval? Then back away and not complete the task. Libya was run by a crackpot but so what?

Now we have a bunch of crackpots occupying Wall Street demanding what? Free this, free that. Have you seen some of those people? Multi-colored hair, drug dealers, prostitutes. A photo was taken of a man defecating on a police car. They claim they are 99 percent of the American people who are fed up with the one percent. The draw of cheap drugs, free food, and open sex has made the “occupation” a growing center of depravity. A New York Post reporter was offered pot for $15 and heroin for $10 while condoms are distributed “free of charge” to the “occupiers.” I saw a photo of a man demonstrating on the campus of IPFW. I wondered if he was the recipient of a Pell Grant, or other financial assistance as a result of a successful capitalist, or was getting financial aid from one of the “occupiers.” What a joke. You will notice the liberal Dems standing shoulder to shoulder with these idiots. Nancy Pelosi lauds them as heroes. Of course none of the liberal Dems not the “Occupiers” own up to the fact that all of this was as a result of a Democratic controlled House, Senate, and White House. The Dodd/Frank bill, complete lack of oversight of Fannie and Freddie by Barney Frank directly led to the meltdown.

Now we have damning revelations of the “Fast and Furious” arms program. I doubt residents of Churubusco will ever get the real story. But enough is known that high-powered weapons were given the green light for sale to the Mexican drug cartels, resulting in th death of an American Border Patrol Guard. Any person at the highest levels of the Justice Department who denies knowing about this program, including the Attorney General, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama is either a liar or a total incompetent.

And how about that EPA? What Barack Obama was not able to achieve with Cap and Trade, he is having the EPA mandate via regulations. How about this? They are now going to try to regulate dust! That is right, regulate dust. You soybean farmers better hurry up and get those beans in real fast. A lot of dust associated with this activity. Hell, with google earth they can pinpoint you down to the square inch. You are not safe. I have not heard how they will adjust the fines. Perhaps particles per cubic centimeter or something like that.

And how about that Obamacare. The Constitution states that all bills pertaining to spending shall originate in the House of Representatives. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as it is known by its short title, did not originate in the House, but rather a prison cell by convicted felon, Robert Creamer. It was polished off by leftist union attorneys and buddies of Barack Obama behind closed doors with no input from the public or Congress. Although certain provisions of it are being challenged by 26 states, it is my opinion the entire thing should be struck down as unconstitutional due to its origination. Here is just a short sample: Rural Health Clinic. The term ‘rural health clinic’ has the meaning given that term in section 1861 (aa) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C 1395 x (aa),”. Title VIII of The Public Health Service Act – section 801 of the Public Health Service Act (42 U.S.C. 296) is amended – (1) in paragraph (2)- (A) by striking “means a” and inserting “means an accredited (as defined in paragraph 6)”: and (B) by striking the period as inserting the following: “where graduates are.” It goes on and on and on.

So, I am all for Hope and Change. I am Hoping a Change comes next November. A conservative Republican in the White House? Why not. How is all that Hope and Change working out for you? By the way, the United States Government is now spending 410 million dollars . . . an hour.

And just one more thing. To my pen pal who does not have the guts to sign your name to the trash you send me penned by the left wing communist Paul Krugman from the New York Times, can it dude, or dudette. I’m not interested.

Dave Cooper,


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