Hoosiers encouraged to report earthquake experience

Public safety officials indicate the earthquake that occurred this morning in Howard County is a reminder that Indiana is continually exposed to the threat of earthquakes.

“There are many simple steps you can take to make your home more earthquake ready, such as placing large items on lower shelves, and hanging heavy pictures away from beds,” says IDHS Executive Director Joe Wainscott. “But many other steps, like assembling a disaster kit, and establishing family communication and home evacuation plans, are the same whether you’re preparing for a winter storm, tornadoes, or an earthquake.”

Comprehensive information and resources to help you prepare for earthquakes and other natural disasters are available on the IDHS website at www.in.gov/dhs/getprepared.

Make sure everyone in your home knows how to use the fire extinguisher and age appropriate family members know how to shut off utilities.

Develop an emergency communication plan

  • In case family members are separated from one another during an earthquake (a real possibility during the day when adults are at work and children are at school), develop a plan for reuniting after the disaster.
  • Ask an out-of-state relative or friend to serve as the “family contact.”  After a disaster, it is often easier to call long distance. Make sure everyone in the family knows the name, address and phone number of the contact person.

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