Hoopsters score friendship from time on court

By Travis Stahl

for the Churubusco News

CHURUBUSCO — In every sport there are situations where teammates get to know each other so well they become friends. We often don’t think about it the other way around, when two friends carry their bond over into sports.

In preschool, Callie Lemper and Katelynn Johnson became best friends. Now, the two friends are completing their senior seasons together for the Churubusco Lady Eagles basketball team.

Lemper and Johnson first started playing basketball together in fourth grade. The duo played in a league at West Noble and that was the first step. From there, the two have participated in countless games, practices and games together.

“We both have a passion for the game,” said Lemper. “That is something that has brought us together.”

For the ’Busco seniors, keeping the game fun has always been the focus. Even when things grew tough over the years, they try to keep going back to making sure they are playing for the right reasons.

“You have to not be serious all the time,” said Johnson. “You have to recognize you are playing to have fun.”

Johnson said one thing that has kept basketball fun for the friends has been attending camps. She noted the camps at the University of St. Francis and Indiana University will always be ones she remembers the most.

As ’Busco winds through it’s season, the two have talked about how their time on the court together is coming to an end. Both Lemper and Johnson noted that senior night is going to hit pretty hard. However, Johnson said she is pretty sure the two will meet on the court again for some one-on-one at some point. And even though their basketball careers are coming to an end their friendship will continue on.

“I know without basketball I would have missed out on a pretty good friendship,” said Johnson.

The ’Busco girls team has a few more games left on the schedule before the end of the season. Senior night will be Jan. 26, when the Lady Eagles host Central Noble. After that, the sectional tournament starts and Lemper and Johnson will be seeing their days as teammates come to an end. But their days as friends will continue on.

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