Kathy Heuer

Heuer announces candidacy

Kathy was previously a Columbia City Common Council member for eight years, served on the Columbia City Housing Authority for four years, the Columbia City Board of Works for four years, the Columbia City Plan Commission for six years, has served as the former President of the Whitley County United Way Board of Directors and was Co-Chairman of the United Way Campaign in Whitley County for two years.   She was also Vice Chairman of the Whitley County Republican Party under Jon Myers for four years then served as Chairman for the following four years.

She is currently Chairman of the Whitley County Economic Development Corporation board, President of the Blue River Senior Housing Corp. (a non-profit organization that builds low income housing for senior citizens in Whitley County) and sits on the Government Affairs Committee for the Fort Wayne Association of Realtors.

A former small business owner of retail stores in Columbia City and Warsaw, and a graduate of Indiana University, Kathy is the daughter of Vernon and Mary Trier in Columbia City and is married to Judge James Heuer, Whitley County Circuit Court, and is a real estate broker for Orizon Real Estate in Whitley County.  She and Jim share seven children and nine grandchildren.

“My goals as a State Representative will be to embrace the values and beliefs of my district and to work toward better economic development strategies in order to bring jobs to Northeast Indiana; to support our schools by fighting for a fair way of funding our diverse school systems within our district and to find a reasonable way of protecting our successful local government structures from unnecessary government reform.” 


“My only agenda is the agenda of the 83rd District…to work for a better tomorrow for the citizens of Northeast Indiana.”

The Economy

Economic Development has been an area of my greatest interest and in the past few years…and what I hear everywhere is that it should be at the top of the list for focus in the next session.

Indiana needs more shovel-ready sites for businesses looking to relocate to Indiana. 

There has been and will continue to be a need for extended infrastructure for high speed Internet to accommodate relocating businesses.  The cost for this is high, but businesses will not relocate without it.

There is a need for support for our local EDC’s and encouragement for strengthening their coordinated strategies.

It is essential that we have strengthened support for our existing businesses and help for them as they rebound in this economy.  

JOBS is the number one focus.  New jobs, existing jobs, potential jobs.  Indiana must step up in this area.


The 83rd District represents eight different school districts with diverse needs.  What we need for the future are solutions to funding that are fair to all.  One solution will not fit every school.

We need to support our school boards as they strive to educate our students for the 21st century.  Their education needs to look different from ours.

The importance of school boards cannot be diminished.  We need to encourage them to work toward less administration while allocating more of their dollars to teaching.

We need to support an educational environment where kids want to learn and teachers are rewarded for their achievements.

Government Reform

We need to take a hard look at the Kernan-Shepard report. Its ideas may make sense for large metro areas, but not for more rural areas.

I believe our township trustees perform a valuable service in our counties and should not be eliminated.

If there are areas where duplicate services exist, they should be examined and consolidated. Overlap of services is a waste of time and tax dollars.

I believe in less government regulation from the state with the minimum amount of taxes necessary to deliver essential services.

“I believe in less government regulation with the minimum amount of taxes necessary to deliver essential services.”

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