Health care problem needs corrected

Dear Editor,

Currently the government has the ACA (Obamacare), Medicare, Medicaid, veterans, government workers and congressional officials under several different medical plans.

This causes mass confusion, no competitive bidding for goods and services rendered, massive abuse of the plans monies and very little policing of abuses to stop them.

What needs to be established to greatly increase the efficiency of handling all the insurance programs the government has is just one policy that handles all phases of the programs.

Set up one central place that handles the competitive bidding for purchases of all materials and services needed for the programs.

Issue different cards to handle all phases of the program, the cards should allow any participant to go to local medical facilities and get their problems taken care of.

Now, the veterans have to find a facility sometimes out of state, necessitating a long drive and enormous amounts of time and monies consumed.

Take the necessary good points from all the programs and combine them, along with setting up points to stop abuses and severely penalize those who abuse the program.

Set up a payment plan for those who want to get in under what was the ACA and Medicaid at reasonable amounts, as those in the veterans and medicare part have already paid their fees

Set up a payment plan for congressional officials that they pay like the American worker pays his FICA withholding taxes, and when they are no longer a congressional official they revert to the same rules under Social Security as everyone else.

If the congressional officials can’t handle this simple task in light of loosing their campaign funding, I’m sure that there are many Americans with common sense out there who would be glad to take this task on and get it done ASAP.

I have worked on contract negotiating committees handling insurance and pensions in the past.

We need to contact all elected officials both state and federal so the job will get done at all levels.

Michael G. Radke

Columbia City

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