Hayhurst for Congress

Many people may not know Marlin Stutzman, for months he has neglected to campaign. Perhaps he believes that because he is a republican, the people of our district will blindly vote for him. Perhaps the enthusiasm of his “base” is still tepid due to the fact that he has run for four offices in the last TWO years and there are only so many times you can go back to the same people and ask them to trust you. It is hard to trust someone who’s already eager to give up a position received only last year. Our district is in desperate need of jobs, and he keeps bouncing from one to another. We need someone in Washington who is committed to having one job and keeping it. Someone who will take his position with the respect it deserves, who will be looking across the aisle to work with both parties, not down it for the next most prestigious seat.

In a televised debate he said he would end Farm Subsidies. This is not the time to put a financial strain on Farmers, the backbone of America. What also bothers me about this issue is that he has received close to one million dollars in farm subsidies for his Michigan Farm, including over $100,000 in HOOSIER tax payer dollars. Indiana dollars paying for a Michigan farm, what is that all about?    

While being a fiscal conservative he voted to raise his own salary in the statehouse by 78% and voted for the largest tax increase in state history while Hoosiers were struggling to pay bills.

He has said the Stimulus passed by the Obama administration has been a complete failure. I would like him to explain why he brags about Indiana being one of the few states with a balanced budget while neglecting to mention he did so with Obama stimulus money.

I would like to know why he cut 300 million dollars from state education, reducing the quality of education and making it virtually impossible for new teachers to find jobs. He said he would eliminate the department of education. I believe in states’ rights but this would be a death blow to education as politically biased states would teach carefully crafted lessons misrepresenting facts and presenting flat out wrong information. This is a very dangerous slippery slope.

We see from his Apocalyptic, Clockwork Orange-esque TV ad that he is all about appealing to the smallest fringe element of a very reasonably minded political party and if he goes to Washington the fringe element will be who he’s accountable to. Not us. He already plans to follow their doctrines to the letter. Including making the Bush tax cuts permanent. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities the Bush tax cuts account for a whopping 25% of the deficit. For all the supposed fiscal conservatives worried about the deficit they sure do like helping millionaires and billionaires. How many billionaires live in our district I wonder?

He would also scale back regulations on Big Oil and Wall Street, the same lackadaisical approach that created the financial crisis and the gulf oil disaster and he once told me personally that he would raise the retirement age and privatize social security.

Of the three candidates running, Dr. Tom Hayhurst and Libertarian Scott Wise would be more sensible choices. Both are earnest men who I believe truly care about Indiana and personify the Hoosier Values which we all hold so dear.

However, of the two I believe Dr. Hayhurst would be the best choice. He has the experience and the ready on day one plan for getting Jobs back to our district. He is the most politically balanced and levelheaded candidate with the charisma and wherewithal to work constructively with both parties to get real work done.

I believe in Dr. Hayhurst.

Josh Bartman

Warsaw, Indiana 

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