Hansen beats Big Daddy

There were five entrants with 14 correct picks, last year’s winner Wes Gardner along with Charlie Hansen, Leslie Wegman, Jeff Fletcher and Cliff Smith. Twelve players had 13 picks right and 23 others had 12 correct picks. 

Hansen moved to the top with his almost perfect week in the yearly contest. He is in a tie with his dad, Charlie Hansen, along with Craig Yoder and Leslie Wegman, all of them have 24 points. Rounding out the top ten with 23 points is Wes Gardner, Jay Clark, Tim Colone, Jeff Fletcher and Cliff Smith. Myself along with 12 other players are right on their heels with 22 points.

It has been an exciting first two weeks and we have 98 entrants in the contest. Good luck to all in their quest to Beat Big Daddy.

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