Governor Daniels declares November 15-21 Winter Weather Preparedness Week

* DRIVE SLOWLY and carefully to avoid rear-end collisions and sliding on curves.

* FOLLOW THE CAR AHEAD at a greater distance; it takes more time to stop on snow and ice.

* BRAKE EARLY, break slowly, never slam on the brakes; if you have anti-lock brakes, press the pedal down firmly and hold it; if you don’t, gently pump the pedal.

* NO CRUISE CONTROL, avoid abrupt steering maneuvers.

* GIVE SNOWPLOWS ROOM to operate; don’t tailgate or try to pass.

A winter survivor kit in the car can be a life saver. The kit could contain: a blanket, rain gear, extra mittens, gloves, hat, bright colored cloth used to flag for help, cat litter or sand for traction and a small shovel, flashlight with extra batteries, bottled water, snack food and newspapers, which can be used as insulation. 

Eleven of 17 winter weather-related deaths occur in motor vehicles. With proper precaution, many could be avoided. INDOT advises drivers:

1. Before leaving home, find out about driving conditions.

2. Clear snow and ice from your vehicle’s windows, lights, and brake lights.

3. Inspect the vehicle’s tires, belts and hoses.

4. Plan to take sufficient time to reach your destination.

5. Watch out for “black ice” approaching intersections, at off-ramps, bridges and along shaded roadways.

6. Don’t count on 4-wheel drive to stop you faster—it won’t.

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