Golf scores from Busco Men’s Golf League

Wednesday Gold Div. I

John Myers and Ken Penley 102; Cy Imbody and Jeff Herron 96; Chase Pequignot and Jeremy Martin 89; Lynn Gross and Vaughn Fulk 87; Rich Lee and Huey Hazen 74; Mark Bonar and Kevin Schenher 68; Stan McCoy and Matt Arthur 68; Mark and Mike Hyndman 62. Low scores: Jeff Herron 35, Cy Imbody 37.

Wednesday Gold Div. II

Terry Geiger and Andy Norris 97; Brant Henning and Weston Issler 93; Charlie Geiger and Bill Gourly 89; Ben Shaffer and Vic Trowbridge 87; Ken Garrison and Dan Alspach 83; Thomas Brumbaugh and Zack Sorg 80; Bruce Hoffman and Kevin Cearbaugh 58; Kyle and Louie Geiger 52. Low score: Terry Geiger 36.

Thursday Blue Div. I

Ted Shodel and John Barrett 110; Terry and Justin Herendeen 103; Kelly Marquardt and Bob Bufkin 93; Bryan Biansk and John Myers 88; Rob Bufkin and Randy Neith 80; Bob Simmons and Jerry McCoy 78; Adam Bianski and Jason Young 69; Harold Fairchild and Paul Conrad 49.

Thursday Blue Div. II

Tommy Payton and Corey Bursey 106; Bob Sloffer and Roger Crooks 96; Bill Pappe and Jim Eppelmann 90; Mickael Bufkin and Eric Fox 77; John and Jeremy Hart 76; Pat McGuire and Francis Harter 72; Bill Keim and Andy Candor 57; Brian Harter and Paul Sick 18.

Thursday Grey Div. I

Tyler Haire and Josh Pancoast 105; Jason Knisely and Larry Minter 103; Todd Clark and Todd Fry 99; Terry and Trent Shively 97; Mike Philbee and Jerry Paris 85; J. R. and James Ford 59; Terry Younghans and Dusty Rouch 49; Paul and Adam Lich 45. Low scores: Josh Pancoast 33; Todd Clark and Tyler Haire 35; Trent Shively 36; James Ford and Mike Philbee 37; Larry Minter and Terry Shively 38; Jason Knisely and Jerry Paris 39.

Thursday Grey Div. II

Cy Imbody and Bruce Wright 102; Bob Lewis and Jim Clugston 102; Errol Creech and Bill Miller 88; Josh Myers and Justin Baily 85; Darrell Patton and Mike Akers 81; John Clevenger and Everett Zolman 73; Josh Rector and Austin Manth 59; Don Harter and Steve Yager 40.

Low scores: Cy Imbody 34; Bruce Wright, Jim Clugston, Mike Akers 36; Bob Lewis 37; Everett Zolman, Josh Rector 38; Errol Creech, Josh Myers, Darrell Patton 39.

Senior Men’s League

Following are the results from the Senior Men’s League at Eel River Golf Course as reported on August 22:

Senior Division

Low Gross, 77, Larry Minter.

Low Net, 70, Bob Lewis.

Super Senior Division

Low Gross, 78, Pat Carter, Neil Cooper.

Low Net, 67, Pat Carter.

Closest To Pin

Bruce Hoffman, Lynn Snyder.

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