Golf cart permits required on county roads

Every golf cart is required to have operating headlights, taillights, brake lights, front and rear turn signals and a rearview mirror, along with factory seating for two, with a maximum capacity of four persons if equipped with an additional rear seat.

Residents may operate golf carts only on county roads (not within Town limits) between dawn and dusk each day and will be subject to all state and local statutes, ordinances and rules of the road. Golf cart operation is not permitted on Lincoln Way or Business 30 and the ordinance is not intended to authorize golf cart operation upon the State or Federal highways located within Whitley County, according to the document.

No person under the age of six years is allowed to ride on a golf cart operated on a county road and no one under the age of ten years is allowed to ride as a passenger in a rear facing seat, according to the ordinance.

The golf cart operator must possess a valid Indiana Operator’s License and must maintain state minimum insurance coverage on the golf cart. Proof of insurance and the permit must be kept in the golf cart at all times.

Anyone who violates the golf cart ordinance will be subject to a maximum $500 fine for each offense.

Vice Chairman of Commissioners Don Amber said a decal will probably be presented with the permit so law enforcement can easily spot operators with or without permits.

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