God bless American

In July of this year, I had an opportunity to go to San Diego and see my nephew graduate from the MCRD – Marine Boot Camp. Not so much of a good American anymore — I was almost ashamed of how good of a job I thought I was doing. Every American needs to see and feel what I did. Unbelievable . . . My nephew, like most of his generation, is growing up without a cause. College isn’t “their thing” — jobs are hard to come by. Basically wandering, not knowing where to go or what to do. And living in a society where “Entitlement” is the way of the future — I worried about my nephew — but not anymore. Not since I heard the words — “I’m a Marine now.”

Honor- Pride – Respect – Dignity – Comradeship – Team. America isn’t about politics, welfare, entitlement, war. America is about Pride, Freedom, and Unity. America is what keeps people going; keeps people dreaming of a better way of life; and it’s not just for Americans. America is for the World. America is awesome and so are those that fight to keep her that way.

To all of those who believe in America and the American dream. To all those who have sacrificed for America and the American dream. To all of those families who are living each day without their loved one. To my uncles – Phil Hosler (Marine), Richard Hosler (Army), Larry Davis (Marine), Don Dafforn (Army). To my brother-in-law, John Lebrecht (Army). To my nephew – Brandon Mock (Marine). To all active service men and women and all veterans: thank you for keeping her alive!

God love you for believing in the American people – even when they stopped believing in you. May God give you peace for all the sacrifices you have made for America and its people.

May God Bless you and may God Bless America!

Dedicated to my grandmother, Ila Hosler, who always felt blessed that her sons came home.

Donna Dafforn,

A Proud U.S. Citizen

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