Ft. Wayne area collusion?

Here was the shocker; In the entire Plymouth region, regular gas was priced from $2.98 to $3.04 per gallon. I used my smart phone to check Fort Wayne gas prices and they were still ranging from $3.38 to $3.40. As I dug deeper it certainly seemed evident that there is some form of price collusion in the Greater Fort Wayne area. Every station that I could check using the application known as Gas Buddy, showed virtually every station in a 35 mile radius of Fort Wayne was at an almost universal $3.38 per gallon! I rechecked on Sunday evening (October 9), three days later the Plymouth area was still 30 cents lower than Fort Wayne! Does anyone want to respond as to why we are paying 30 cents more per gallon?

The Attorney General’s office has said that they can’t find any evidence of price collusion; I guess Mr. Zoeller doesn’t know how or where to look! Or perhaps doesn’t want to look!

I also just ran an analysis on the price of a gallon of regular gasoline vs. a barrel of crude oil! I saw an interesting quirk. If you look at the history of crude vs. regular gas prices you will find that at the current $85 per barrel, retain gas prices should be around $2.80 per gallon. So it raises the question, why the heck are we paying $3.38 a gallon? We are being gouged and no one will tackle the issue.

It would seem our elected officials don’t give a darn and continue to let the oil companies increase their earnings to equal those of many countries!

I firmly believe that the oil companies and our elected officials’ negligence in looking deeply into gasoline prices have caused the current recession and poor economy to continue.

While folks struggle to make ends meet, the majority of the disposable income is being used for basic transportation. If this is allowed to continue, the purchases at local retailers will remain dismal and the economy will continue to stumble along.

Roger Bayford,


(Editor’s Note: Prices in Plymouth were verified Monday morning at $3.03.9.)

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