Forestry hotline promotes positive harvest

“If you’re thinking of harvesting trees, give us a call first to receive, A Landowner’s Guide for a Successful Harvest, at no cost.” said John Seifert, Indiana State Forester. “For any landowner considering harvesting timber, this packet provides important information to help assure the health and value of their woodlands.”

The information packet may also be obtained online at The website features information about Indiana’s harvesting rules and guidelines.

“Many variables, including age, maturity, overall forest health, market prices, and personal own goals and needs should be factored before harvesting timber,” Seifert said. “Make sure that your harvest is based on these aspects, and not just the size of the trees.”

Indiana has more than four million acres of privately owned woodlands, making up nearly 85 percent of all forestland in the State. Surveys show only a small fraction of woodland owners seek the advice of a professional forester when considering a timber harvest. Well-managed family woodlands result from wise decisions.  Call for professional advice.

The “Call Before You Cut” campaign is coordinated in Indiana by the DNR Division of Forestry. Additional program sponsors include the Society of American Foresters, the Indiana Forestry and Woodland Owners Association, Purdue Cooperative Extension Service, The Nature Conservancy of Indiana, the USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry program, and the Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

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