February 2009

The department now has four employees that are trained in Crisis Intervention.  The three day course was provided free by the Bowen Center to Detective Chuck Vogely and Confinement Officers Tyson Howenstine, Lynda Jones and Frank Loe.  These individuals now have extra skills to deal with individuals that come in contact with law enforcement and are suffering from various mental disabilities or drug and alcohol induced psychosis.  The hope is that these officers are able to talk a person into compliance rather than having to take a “hands-on” approach that can result in injuries to all parties that are involved. 

Deputy Randy Dellinger serves the department as a crime scene technician and evidence clerk.  Deputy Dellinger worked hard in 2008 at moving the previous evidence room from a 77 square foot closet to a room in the basement that provides 361 square feet of storage area.  Deputy Dellinger divided the room with a wall and door to allow all officers to have access to the front part that houses temporary evidence lockers.  The back part of the room is accessible only by Deputy Dellinger and is used for long term storage and as work area for Dellinger to process pieces of evidence.  Additional improvements will be made as funds become available. 

The combined budgets of the Sheriff’s Department and the jail totaled $2.7 million for 2008.  We were able to stay under budget by $25,900.00.  While this seems like a small amount, I am surprised that any money was left over considering the high cost of fuel during the summer. 

In October of 2008, I started having weekly staff meetings that include all command staff and department heads.  This allows for information sharing, discussing and distributing legal matters and occasionally solving problems. 

The following statistics for 2008 will answer a lot of the questions I field from the public: 

Total number of inmate beds in the Whitley County Jail: 100.

The total number of persons booked for 2008: 1610

The total number of felony charges: 902

The total number of misdemeanor charges: 746

The average daily inmate population for 2008: 115

The highest population was on 10-26-08: 145

The lowest population was on 07-03-08:  91

The total jail and in-custody deaths for 2008: 0

The total number of escapes for 2008: 0

The total number of juveniles booked via waiver or direct file for 2008: 3

Number of County Residents Booked: 699

Average Stay (in days): 36.61

Average Age: 32

White:  1429

Asian:   2

Black:  102

Hispanic:  67

Amer. Indian or Alaskan Native:  2

Other:  2

Unknown:  5 

Please visit our website at www.whitleycountysheriff-in.org for additional information.  An email link is provided should you desire to contact us with a question or to provide a tip on a crime.

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