Faith Christian Academy honor students for first quarter

First and Second Grade

A Honor Roll – Brendan Cook, Emily Johnson, Tyler Meredith, Mahri Romano, Kaya Wolfe  and Peter Koller.

A and B Honor Roll — Miranda Cash and Colton Dial.

Those with perfect attendance are Peter Koller, Erica Johnson and James Victor Lewis.

Third Grade

A Honor Roll – Jaslyn Cook.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade

A and B Honor Roll – Elizabeth Johnson, Tim Koller, Jamee Romano, Kristian Stultz and Mady Stultz.

Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade

A and B Honor Roll – James Cash, Hannah Koller, Tyler Linder, Alex Orr, Jacob Stultz and Leigha Walker.

Faith Christian Academy is Whitley County’s only private, interdenominational Christian school for children in preschool through eighth grade.

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