Fairchild seeks county clerk position with fresh ideas



WHITLEY COUNTY — Deb Fairchild, daughter of Kenneth and Sandy Johnson, is seeking election for Clerk, Whitley Circuit Court.

Fairchild is a lifelong Whitley County resident and has over 25 years of financial and customer service experience. She plans to use this experience to better serve the residents of Whitley County.

Fairchild has worked closely with the current County Clerk on many aspects of the clerk’s position. She currently holds a supervisory position in the Clerk’s Office and approaches any situation that arises with tact, understanding and confidence. She plans to develop new ideas on fiscal responsibility, starting from within the Clerk’s Office.

During her time as an employee in the Clerk’s Office, Fairchild has gotten to know what residents need.

“Most importantly, they need someone who is going to be in the office,” she said in a statement. “When you’re running for a position that County taxpayers are electing you to, you should be in the office and available as needed. They need someone who understands the state laws as well as county regulations to best serve members of the community.”

Fairchild asks for your vote to elect her as your next Clerk, Whitley Circuit Court.

“I feel that it is time for a change and if elected, I plan to serve the members of the community with compassion, honesty and reliability,” she said.

For early voting instructions, contact the Whitley County Clerk’s Office or visit your local polling station on 6 a.m.-6 p.m. May 8.

Fairchild has been married for 20 years to Scott Fairchild. They have two children, Shelby and Jordon.

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