Fahl for Judge

Shortly after the formation of the Whitley County Patriots I ran into Gregg Hockemeyer on the third floor of the courthouse. After a brief discussion about the merits of the TEA party movement and after I expressed my personal view that I, too, hoped that Obama would fail in his efforts to fundamentally change the character of our country, Mr. Hockemeyer lost his temper and shouted at me.

It appears to me that Mr. Hockemeyer does not possess judicial temperament so as to qualify for public service as a judge. After his treatment of me, I would be afraid to appear with a client in his court.

Hockemeyer would better serve our community in a position that makes policy decisions rather than one in which the officeholder is expected to be unbiased and to administer fair and equal justice for all who come before him.

I will cast my vote for Doug Fahl and would encourage all persons who want a fair and impartial judge sitting on the bench in our Superior Court to do the same.

Terry L. Smith, Columbia City

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