Extension educator talks about exchange program

Dear Editor,

IFYE is a premier 2-way international cultural exchange program for young adults 19 and older. IFYE promotes and encourages understanding among different cultures of the world by first-hand cultural involvement. IFYEs live with host families, learn about their culture, learn more about themselves and expand their creative horizons globally. The IFYE program will challenge you, push you outside your comfort zone, provide you with experiences unique to living with a host family and provide you with life-long friends and an expanded family.

IFYE can be a three-month, one-country program or a six month, two-country program. Countries participating in 2017 include: Australia, Austria, Costa Rica, Estonia, Finland, Germany, India, Luxembourg, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and United Kingdom. Total participant fee is $3000.

The application process includes: completing an interest form or application online and then participating in an in-state interview. Most six-month programs begin in June.

If you have graduated from high school, a college student, haven’t found the right job, want an international experience prior to joining the workforce or entering grad school, have worked a few years and need a new and challenging experience, consider IFYE.

Indiana will also be hosting one or two IFYEs in summer and fall 2017 and will be looking for host families.

For more information: check out the website: ifyeusa.org; contact the national program director, Alan Lambert, alanelambert@ifyeusa.org, 605-366-6107; or Cindy Barnett, Indiana IFYE alumni president, cbarnett@purdue.edu.

— Cindy Barnett, Whitley County Extension educator

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