Everyone beats Big Daddy this week

There were 87 entries last week, all but one contestant beat me this week as I picked only six games right. I guess I had better study up and right the ship before I fall off the charts. Don’t forget you can send me picks, please. Or I will continue picking games like my solid lock pick of the Cowboys over the Bears at Dallas. It looks like I might need some help this season. 

With Bridge leading the way, and Freshour in second, there are eight players tied for third place: Brad Smith, Cary Blake, Charlie Hansen, Kasey Blake, Bill Baker, Jim Brumbaugh, James Klotz and Kacy McCormick. 

You can get your paper sheet at Brevin’s on Sundays while you catch this week’s action. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy the game day atmosphere. 

Make sure that you get a confirmation on your picks that will let you know that your picks were entered. Good luck and let’s see if Big Daddy can beat anyone this week.

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