Sectional Win

Eagles win Sectional

by Don Hiatt

Churubusco claimed its fourth Sectional trophy Friday night defeating South Adams 43-21 at Berne. It wasn’t looking good for the Eagles early in the game as they went three and out on their first three possessions. The Starfire defense keyed on Kyle Mathewson, Churubusco’s leading rusher, and held him in check early. The Eagles were going into the wind and that affected the punting giving South Adams favorable field possession. Mathewson’s first punt went out at the 19-yard line. South Adams would get the score on two plays to go up 7-0. Busco again went three and out on their next two tries. The Eagle defense held South Adams on a fourth and one from the 30 yard line. The Starfires scored on a pitch to Marcus Rich, to give South Adams a 14-0 lead. The Eagles would get on the board with a 61-yard run by wingback Josh LeFever. Kyle Monk ran in the two-point conversion to trim the Starfire lead to 14-8. 

In the second quarter South Adams put together a drive scoring on a 19-yard pass play, for their last score of the game. The Eagles went to work alternating runs between Mathewson and LeFever. Driving the ball down the field ended with a two-yard run by Mathewson, closing the gap to 21-16 at the half.

“We took what they gave us,” stated LeFever. “They shut down the inside so we had to mix it up a little bit.”

The defense stopped South Adams on their first possession in the second half. But the Eagles were also forced to punt the ball away. Alex Zolman recovered the ball at the 20-yard line, after it bounced off the Starfire return man. Monk ran for eight yards and LeFever ran for 12 for the score. Mathewson caught the pass from Monk for the two-point conversion, giving the Eagles the lead at 24-21. With the wind at his back Mathewson kicked the ball out of the end zone for the touchback. The Eagle defense again held the Starfires to a three and out. With the defense in high gear the offense shifted it up a notch, as Monk ran in from six yards out and for the two-point conversion. Mathewson’s 36-yard run during the drive deflated the South Adams’ defense. With the third quarter coming to a close the Eagles lead 32-21. South Adams’ quarterback broke through the Busco defense for a 39-yard run and was run down from behind by Spencer Conrad. The defense held firm as the fourth quarter opened. South Adams went for a fourth down and four, only to be stopped by a ferocious Eagle defense. With the offense in high gear now they went down the field gaining big chunks of yardage. Mathewson ran for 24, five and eight, LeFever for 19 and Mathewson blasted through the Starfire defense scoring on a 20 yard run. LeFever ran it in for two more giving the Eagles a 40-21 advantage. The defense held South Adams to another three and out. Busco drove down and scored on a 20-yard field goal by Parker Conrad to give the Eagles a 43-21 win. 

“We knew we made a few mistakes in the first half,” explained Coach Lee Etzler, “But we stayed with it and kept fighting.”

Churubusco will be at home this week hosting Hagerstown in Regional action. Come on out and cheer your Eagles on to a victory. The game time has been moved back to 7:30 p.m. to accommodate travel time. So come out early and tailgate with all the Eagle fans.


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