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Destination Imagination asked to attend Globals)

The Busco teams were given the right to participate in the state finals where 92 teams participated from the original 180 teams that competed at regionals back in March. Only the top two teams from each challenge are able to go to DI Global Finals as a result of their scores and performances at the State Final competition. For the first time ever, in Busco DI history, both teams participating were honored with first place status!!! Both teams are asked to attend the DI Global Competition to be held in Knoxville, Tennessee, May 26, 27, and 28, pending school board approval. This will make the sixth year Busco DI teams have been asked to participate at Globals. We are so proud of the DI teams and all their teamwork, creativity, hard work and worry to get to this level of performance. 


(The DI-BOT Middle Level Team: Kaleb Walker, Kennedy Sade, Cheyenne Conner, Madison Bieber, Peyton Brandt, Valerie Pope, and Brittney Shambaugh in front. Coaches are Dena Pope and Annette Bieber.)

Both DI teams participated in the Challenge B “DI-BOT” problem that involved robots and robotic technology. Team members had to research how robotic technology has improved our lives.The team skit had to include robot technology facts and the changes robots create for humans. It had to involve an original story which showed a change in at least one character’s life due to the robotic technology developed. They had to design, create, and integrate a device called a DI-BOT, which completed a motion or task, in the skit. They had to create at least one prop, or part of a prop, that became the DI-BOT. They had to also provide an effective transitional link from one scene to another while including two side trips. All this had to happen in eight minutes and couldn’t cost the team more than $150.

The high school team consisting of five team members, Robby Pope, Ally and Jenna Shambaugh, Rachel Jones, and Avery Dirr, and coached by Julie Mast and Rob Pope, attended the State competition on Saturday. Although the explanation of the skit ahead sounds similar to the regional description, DI team members worked very hard to “tweak” costumes, edit difficult parts of the script, paint new backdrops, and give the overall performance an “upgrade” for the state competition. They created a skit involving Dorothy Ignaceous Rocks (DI Rocks for short), gangster munchkins, the Tin Man and Scarecrow, a Toto Robot, and a side trip to Jamaica. Their spoof of the “Wizard of Oz” story starts with Dorothy having her life changed by robotic technology after arriving at the “Ruby Ghetto” when her hot air balloon she was traveling in after leaving the “Emerald City” got in a storm and crashed. In the Ruby Ghetto, the munchkins were gangsters, and stole a piece off the robot “Toto”, and the Tin Man helped her retrieve a similar part so they could go home to Kansas. Toto became her GPS and took her to Jamaica rather than Kansas because he wanted a vacation. Toto, not your average dog, could actually talk, give directions, light up, and bark. Hence, Toto was the robot part of the skit! Excellent scenery pieces for backgrounds, a clever script with rhyming as a specialty side trip, sassy costumes, and platinum sneakers helped entertain the audience and wow the judges! This team received first place at the regional and state competitions for their level.

They also received a special Renaissance Award. Judges gave this award to the team to compliment them on their skill rather than creativity. Judges were impressed with the refreshing modern twist the team gave to the classic “Wizard of Oz” story, as well as their rhyming witty script, awesome costumes, and last but not least, the robotic design of Toto, an “engineering masterpiece” (in their words!).

The middle school team consisting of Brittney Shambaugh, Madison Bieber, Valerie Pope, Peyton Brandt, Kennedy Sade, Cheyenne Conner, and Kaleb Walker, coached by Dena Pope and Annette Bieber, also attended the State competition. The team received a second place ranking at the Regional Competition, but moved up to a first place rank at the State Competition last Saturday. The team created a skit in which team members became spies to catch an evil grandmother and her granddaughter, who is trying to rid the world of peanut butter and Duct tape. The spies become trapped in a web and their DI-BOT saves them by bringing them scissors to escape from the webbing and chases down the villians. All is well in the end, when the spies capture the villains and are promoted to full time spies. This team was very clever and earned points based on their advanced teamwork and creative song writing and puns used in the script. The team designed and created their robot from a mailbox, motors, switches, and servos, which all makes sense to them! They did an awesome job and wowed the audience with their performance!

Both teams gave high energy performances that received very high scores and entertained their audiences.

Now the teams approach the daunting task of fundraising to help offset the cost of attending Globals which takes place May 26, 27, and 28th – Time is Short!!! Cost for Globals for meals, housing, and tickets to the ceremonies at University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN, are $610 per person. Campus buses transport you around the UT campus once you arrive, but getting there and home is our biggest challenge! Transportation from Busco to Tennessee usually costs around $4000. We try to share the cost with another school corporation also attending the same competition. Fundraising will involve Port-a-Pit Chicken sales, seat cushion sales, car wash, garage sale, and anything else we can come up with here in the next month! Donations should be made out to Busco DI Moms if you would like to donate to the transportation fund for DI teams. Drop them off at the Churubusco Elementary School care of Dena Pope or Julie Mast. THANK YOU for your continued support of the Busco DI teams!

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