December 29, 2010

I turned it in towards a smaller, more economical, used German car, but thought it was worth more than I was given, so I bought it back, and gave it to my 55 year-old lawyer son, who lives in San Diego, California, thinking that like the older classic cars being sold in Auburn Labor Day auctions, it might help him enjoy a richer retirement.

Two weeks ago, while I was in the hospital with my syncope, he called about three times, left no message – then called Saturday at about nine our time, from his cell phone.  He was fleeing the rising sun, on his way to Las Vegas, where he was to pick up his daughter at the airport, and drive to the Colorado Mountains to ski with his niece, and then his sister and her husband would join them for more skiing.

He was really sorry to tell me that the Mercedes had been wrecked!  There was no snow in San Diego when it happened, he was in the right lane of a six lane street, when the car in front of him slowed, he checked to see that the lane to his left was clear, turned on his turn signal, then he started to turn but the car that had been slowing in front of him had stopped! It was just a little foreign car, not too badly damaged, but he felt the Mercedes was totally destroyed! The police had called a wrecker, who towed his car away, said they were taking it to a “good auto repair shop,” and they would call him to give him an estimate on repair costs.

I had given him a copy of the insurance I had carried, and its cost here, which might have been affected by my driving accident record (I had received some million miles of safe driving awards from North American Van Lines – when much younger) although I had maybe a few feet of wrecks scattered in as well!, and told him I had never had a single claim filed against me, – maybe he should consider a lower level of coverage to protect damage he caused to others.

Well, he analyzed his insurance – his way – and, thinking that he had learned driving from me, he had driven for 40 years without an accident, and so – – he cancelled his collision insurance on his own vehicle, and continued insuring and protecting everything that got damaged by his actions or that his car hit!  When I first analyzed my insurance, I learned that financing an expensive truck, we were required to have $500 deductible on the unit, and I started paying cash, and increased the deductible.  Young kids!

He really enjoyed the quality ride and luxurious comfort of my mature elderly classic auto, and really feels guilty about its early possible demise, and will, if necessary, provide a proper ceremony and disposal near the pleasant and beautiful Southern California Pacific Ocean Coast.  Please, teach your children to be independent, accept and be respondent, then give them nothing you value.  Please join me in a moment of silence.  .  .  Thank You, Happy New Year, and.  .  .  .  good gardening

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