December 22, 2010

But we enjoyed country life, everyone we knew had a similar life style, and growing up was fun.  We did not, however, have TV, and had no idea how wealthy people lived, and weren’t envious, nor jealous of anyone we knew. People did, of course, go to jail, but usually for horse or cow stealing – Bonnie and Clyde didn’t come on the scene until I was about eight years old.  We were used to taking care of our own problems, mistakes, and refuse.  We recycled all manure by spreading it on our farm fields, we cut up trees from our own forest areas to burn to warm our homes.  At night, we worked, cooked, ate, sewed, and read by candle or kerosene light.

Well – at least in daylight, the ground floors were warm – but where the kids slept – upstairs – was usually cold enough that ice formed on the windows, and when we woke up in the morning, we would jump out of the bed, grab our clothes, run down to the living room where Dad would have, about 4 a.m., built a big fire in the huge stove so that when we ran down, we could hold our clothes close to the heat, making them comfortable to slide into. By then, while Dad fed our farm animals, Mom would have enough fire in the kitchen stove to cook breakfast for the whole family, and we would start the day’s hard work.  We didn’t realize it then, but we were re-cycling everything, without a bi-weekly pickup of what is today, considered re-cyclable. Now one of the problems the recyclers have is – we (or some of us) seem to be overloading the provided barrels with plastic materials they have no market for.  What they can’t currently dispose of are:  Plastic grocery bags; Paper contaminated by food or grease; window or mirror glass; dishes or ceramic items; light bulbs; PLASTIC PRODUCTS WITH NO NUMBER. Currently, they will only take plastic products LABELLED No. 1 and 2, but after January 1, 2011, they can take plastic materials labeled one through seven.

They can dispose (or recycle) only those items listed above, and it costs taxpayer dollars to get rid of the other, illegal material that is placed in the recycling containers, and hauled away biweekly.  In Whitley County, they are not allowed to recycle the following items: PLASTIC GROCERY BAGS; PAPER CONTAMINATED BY FOOD (such as greasy pizza boxes, etc) WINDOW OR MIRROR GLASS; DISHES OR CERAMIC ITEMS; LIGHT BULBS; PLASTIC PRODUCTS WITH NO IDENTIFYING NUMBER!  Maybe some of the new chemicals, articles, and practices aren’t as good as in the old days!

PLEASE, PLEASE – recycle, and recycle properly, and this world will be improved, and we will have helped, and we won’t be arrested, and life will be better, and gardening will improve!  We know that I, and probably each of you, can do just a little better to help our friends and neighbors, and what better time to think and plan than this time, between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  From Our House to Your House, Our Best Wishes for Your Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, 2011!  .  .  good gardening

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