The base that supports the memorial boulder has begun to deteriorate.

de la Balme Memorial site repair

 The base that supports the memorial boulder has deteriorated and must be replaced.

The Colonel Augustin de la Balme DAR Chapter was formed here in Whitley County in 1925. DAR chapter names have a connection to the Revolutionary

War, and through their research they gained the information necessary to document Col. de la Balme’s involvement in the Revolutionary War event that took place near the Eel River in Union Township, Whitley County, in November, 1780.

Then on November 5, 1930 the chapter dedicated a memorial at the site of the battle.  They had acquired a small parcel of land and placed a boulder with a plaque that recognized the significance of the site.  This boulder was placed on a cement base.  Over the years ceremonies and historic recognitions have been held at the site.  Local school children and families have stopped at this marked spot.  Since the 225th anniversary of the battle the local DAR and SAR chapters and chapters from around the state come to honor the memory of those who fought in this conflict.  

About three years ago chapter members noticed that the concrete base under the boulder was starting to show small cracks on the corners.  Since then more cracks have emerged, and the concrete is crumbling.  Weather conditions, age, weight and shape of the boulder have all led to this deteriorative condition.  Once the concrete cracked and water seeped in, the breakdown of the base has quickened.

The chapter is working with a cemetery/marker restoration expert in making this repair and has accepted his plan for the repair of the base.  This repair would include: removing the boulder from the base, remove current crumbling base, prepare ground for new base, replace the old concrete base with a granite base, sand the base of the boulder so that it sits flat on the new base and eliminates any water accumulation, replace the memorial boulder to the base, and finally, seal the boulder to the new base.
The chapter is a non-profit organization and does need to raise funds to get this repair completed.  The chapter is currently putting together a special “Early Whitley County” calendar for 2010. The calendar will be available for sale this fall.  Information on when it will be available will be in the newspaper.  The DAR chapter is hoping that businesses, civic groups, organizations and individuals in our community will support their efforts with calendar advertising or donations.  

This historical site in Whitley County is important to our community.  The memorial site constructed in 1930 has lasted for almost 80 years with no need for repair.  It now needs a major repair, and the DAR chapter is asking the community for its support in restoring the site.  It is important to maintain and preserve this American Revolutionary War site located here in Whitley County for future generations so they may visit and learn about the events that occurred here in 1780.

If you would like to make a donation and/or have other questions, you can contact Charlotte Blair, chapter regent, at 260-244-7322 or at The Colonel Augustin de la Balme DAR chapter sincerely thanks you for your support of their restoration of the Memorial Site.

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