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Jill Daniels catered our Christmas dinner for the group.  Each member received a Christmas mug filled with  nice favors.  A big “thank you” to the Hazen’s for the decorations.

Member Vesta Bennett had a stroke and is in Parkview Main in Fort Wayne.   She is receiving rehab.

Minutes were read by Virginia Wright and approved.

We had a guest, Cathy Pascka and a new member, Janis Kelly, attending the meeting.

Betty Mink announced the December trip to Bear Creek Farms is full.  The Chapter voted to continue having the trips planned for 2010.  Bonnie Hazen read an article giving statistics about Christmas shopping, food, trees and Santa.

Representing the AARP Chapter, Pat Loe presented Jill Daniels with a check for $100.00 to be used to supplement the Community Mid-week Meals.

Bonnie Hazen installed the new officers for 2010: Pat Loe, president; Virginia Wright, secretary;  and Jeanette Zumbrun, treasurer.  The following members are on the Board of Directors:  Ilah Rondot, Rosemary Piebenga, Amellia Winebrenner, Ruth Burd, Bonnie Hazen, Michael Hazen, Henrietta Lefkowicz and Laurice Moore. The nominating committee is Martha Meier and Henrietta Lefkowicz.

Judith Hicks reported that the Health Care Bill is still on the floor and they want to include abortion coverage in this bill.

Henrietta Lefkowicz asked, “Does it take more than 30 minutes for you to fall asleep? If so you may want to see your doctor, as it could be a sign of high blood sugar or heart disease.”

Dawn liquid in your dogs bath water kills fleas, and also you can use dryer sheets on your wet dog to control doggie odor. A few drops of Wesson Oil rubbed into their ears helps to control ear mites.

The door prize was won by Marge Kite.

The food collected was donated to the Whiley County Council on Aging.

Richard Rinker from “Quiet Corner” entertained the group.

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