Council dissolves Park Board

The council voted 3-0 to do away with the board during last Wednesday’s regular scheduled meeting.

The town has had problems filling the positions on the board for a number of years which made it difficult for Krider to move ahead with any plans.

The Park Board has been in existence since 1986 when the council enacted the ordinance. During the meeting Krider wanted to make sure that if the board was dissolved that it could be re-instated if the town felt the need.

Council President Frank Kessler told Krider that the board could be re-formed in the future with another ordinance.

“I have mixed feelings” (about dissolving the board), said Krider. “I’m going to miss the board. It’s a growing process.”

Current Park Board member Pat Stanford expressed his concern to the board about retaining a superintendent in the future to run the park. Council member John Hart told Stanford that there isn’t any talk of doing away with the superintendent position. Hart said Krider does a good job and that one less board for him to report to might make things run smoother.

Hart made the motion to dissolve the board and council member Viv Sade seconded. The vote was 3-0.

In other board news:

• Frank Kessler was elected to the Council President position for another year.

• Kessler also noted that he has not heard a response from Smith Township trustee Patty Amber about the town’s counteroffer to the fire contract. He did say that he talked with fire chief Roger Bennett and Bennett assured him that if no contract was signed before the end of the year that the fire department would still protect the town until the contract is signed.

The next regular scheduled meeting is on Wednesday, January 5 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall.

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