Council agrees to counteroffer fire contract

The Council will make the offer according to the amount of runs that are being charged to the town. Citing many errors in the yearly run report, Council President Frank Kessler disputed the number of runs that were charged to the town by Smith Township. “We’re going to reformulate our offer,” said Kessler. “Our bill is far less than what is being charged.”

A major issue for the council is Smith Township’s request for an extra $7,600 to purchase new radios. The fire department wants the town to foot the bill. All of the council members were against paying for the radios.

Council member John Hart told the council he is against buying the radios, although he also said the council should be prepared if no contract is signed. “We have to think about what happens if we end up with no contract.”

In other council news:

• Granted Town Marshall Chad Fulkerson the go ahead to purchase four new laptops to be installed in squad cars at a price of $7,894.

• Received a bid of $17,500 for the former Police Station on North Main. The council turned down the offer citing the bid must be 90% of the $25,000 appraised value.

• Frank Kessler stated that an annexation process has been started for the north side of town. The annexation will take in the new senior apartments on Clingerman Avenue.

• Council member Viv Sade reported that there is talk of dissolving the Park Board due to a problem finding members to serve.  Also, it would be one less board that Park Superintendent Rick Krider would have to report to.

The next regular scheduled council meeting is on December 15 at 6:30 p.m. in the Town Hall.

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