Common sense

This is an age old story. Godley men seeking a place in a godless world to live in peace and freedom. But as with the Israelites, during the time  of the prophets, the people turned from God and envied the ways of the heathen. So have we in America turned from God and now try to find security in the heathen.

Our founding fathers escaped the oppressive leaders of Europe and today, 234 years later, we have become such a godless nation that we cry out for that same oppression in Europe. Our president holds Europe up as a beacon of light to follow.

Thomas Paine’s Common Sense is a must read to understand where we have gone wrong with our government. It is a booklet crammed with common sense and godliness and has been reprinted in the last half of Glenn Beck’s Common Sense.

We have a godless, self-serving leadership and representation in Washington. These “public servants” make laws for us but are careful to exempt themselves from these same laws. In our last election we traded our freedom for perceived security, and even through we cry stop now, our leaders continue with their tyranny. What a price to pay for turning from the hand of the Lord to the hand of government. “He who willingly sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither and looses both.” (a founding father quote).

Sharon Jones,


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