Commissioners go on the road

The Board oversees all parts of the county that are not incorporated cities or towns.
The traveling show is a way for the Commissioners to get out in the county so the community can attend the meeting and see what they do.
There were a number of people attending that had concerns over neighbors’ barking dogs that kept them awake at night. These folks were in contact with Amber prior to the meeting and wanted to know what could be done, if anything.
Amber agreed with the residents that something should be done concerning barking dogs. He said that he would like the County to look into adding an ordinance prohibiting nonstop barking dogs. He went on to say that when the residents call the sheriff there is nothing that can be done because there is no ordinance pertaining to dog noise. Amber said that he didn’t want to regulate farm animals or any noises that they make.
The others on the Board agreed to look into the ordinance so that the sheriff could better deal with the issue.
Another resident of Churubusco said that he would like the ordinance to include peacocks because they are just as disturbing as dogs. He said that his neighbor’s peacocks are extremely loud and that sometimes they come onto his property and destroy landscaping.
The Commissioners all agreed to look into the peacock matter along with the barking.
The meeting was well attended and the Commissioners exclaimed their pleasure with bringing the meeting to Churubusco.
The next regular scheduled meeting is on October 19 in Columbia City in the Government building.

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