Come to Busco and listen to me!

Much has been written about this new group in the House. A recurring theme by the national pundits, both print and television, was now we have the party of “no.” Of course, when the Dem’s were in control it wasn’t “no,” it was nobility of a cause. Deals cut in back rooms. Exclusion of even a scent of a good, or bad, idea by Republicans. Legislation crafted by outside groups, and rubber-stamped by a delusional speaker. Remember her remark, “We have to pass the bill to see what is in it?”

So now we have a Speaker of The House, John Boehner, that says the health care bill will “never, ever, ever, ever, see the light of day.” So who will be the party of “no” this time? We shall see. As far as I am concerned, if your child has too much candy shouldn’t you stop the child from eating more? If you make a conscious decision to spend more money than you have, shouldn’t you think before you do that?

The 535 people we hire to look out for the business of 350 million Americans need to get the message that we just are not going to take it anymore. This last election should be a wake up call for them.

There was a lot made of Dan Coat’s work as a lobbyist. Let’s not forget K Street is packed with ex-politicos doing the same thing, R’s and D’s alike. I do not live or work on K Street. I live on Circle Drive in Churubusco. But I can lobby from here. And you can lobby from your home, too.

I am going to start lobbying for some road work to be done in the Third Congressional District. Lots of leftover stimulus money just sitting there to be spoken for. 

So Marlin, and Dan, let’s start with having you make the drive from LaOtto to Ege on Road 400 South to 1000 East. You will find the top speed will be about 25 miles per hour. I travelled that road as a student at the old LaOtto Elementary School over fifty years ago and it hasn’t changed much since then. After you guys make that drive, motor into Churubusco on 900 East or more commonly known as Line Street. Don’t do it during the spring thaw, however. It floods and is impassible. God help the citizens if there is an emergency because the emergency vehicles might not make it through. The utility poles look like a scene from a Charles Burchfield water color painting. Then Marlin, and Dan, you can head west on 375 North just off US 33. You will have to hit the brakes real quick because it turns into a dirt road that best can be described as a washboard. Five or ten miles per hour is the max here.

So, we shall see what the new guys and gals do. Cut spending? Fix our roads? Secure the southern border? Defund the outrageous health care bill? Tap into our own natural resources, oil, and gas? Maybe even come to Busco and LISTEN TO US?

We shall see, we shall see, and we will remember in 2012 and beyond when you want us to support you again.

Dave Cooper,


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