College scholarship opportunities for 4-H’ers

4-H Plant Science Achievement Scholarship – (Usually $250): Open to sophomores through first year after 4-H career involved in plant science projects in any field of study at a post-secondary institution.

National 4-H Conference Trip: To National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland (near Washington, D.C.) for sophomores through final year in 4-H.

National Youth Congress Trip: Dates and destination to be announced. Applications are resume winners from Grades 9-12.

State 4-H Club Scholarships – (Usually $250): Open to seniors planning to study Agriculture or Consumer and  Family Sciences at Purdue.

Area XI Horse & Pony Scholarship – (Usually $250): Each of these scholarships (with the exception of the Area XI Horse & Pony Scholarship) is due to the State by February 1, 2012. All but the Accomplishment Scholarship use the same application with a one-page supplement.

Also for those interested in the fields of Agriculture or Consumer and Family Sciences applications are available at the Extension Office, online at, or through your school counselor’s office or agriculture teacher for the following scholarships:

McVay Scholarship – $1000.

Mauri Williamson – $3000.

Agriculture Award of Excellence – $1500.

Wien Kieble Scholarship – $500.

If you are already out of 4-H and in your junior or senior year, there’s an Amick 4-H Loan Fund up to $2500. You must have participated in 4-H for two years with a minimum grade point average of 2.5. Contact the Indiana 4-H Foundation for more information.

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