Churubusco Turtle Days 2015 photos

6.17CBN AnthonyA 6.17CBN AnthonyB 6.17CBN CrowdKinley 6.17CBN DancersLine 6.17CBN DancingGirl6.17CBN Egolfs 6.17CBN Fire trucks 6.17CBN ItsyBitsyA 6.17CBN ItsyBitsyAA5TutusC 6.17CBN maleDance 6.17CBN Parade AllenCoQueen 6.17CBN Parade FireDept CC Band Chippy CLown CFD guard Center Stage float Center Stage CC Fire Dept CC Church 2 CC Church CC Band4 CC Band3 CC Band 26.17CBN parade Leathernecks6.17CBN Thurs crowd6.17CBN tutuPurple Amy Crabill anytimefitness CBN 6.17 GM trio handing candyCHS cheerleadersCUMC AmberCUMC JohnsonCUMC2cute girlsDcooperDee Dee McCoyGreen Twp 4-HHit the floorhorses green TsIPFW MastodonIPFW MastodonAK & K Video ball teamlionLittle Red SLuggersllama club?MarinesMiss Allen CountyMiss Whitley CountyMoresGolfCart615 (1)5PurpleTutusANeveah1 6-11-15Neveah2Neveah3old car 4old car 5old car 7old car 8old car lastold carsold cars Mr. 7old cars2old red coupeorange yellow truck6.17CBN WC Queen6.17CBN WC QueenAOscar HeadParade Leathernecks StacyparkviewPink Shirt CLappingRangerRomanoSmith Twp FD truckSmithTwpFD paradeStacyTow MaterWC Humane SocietyWC PatriotsWC Pork QueenViv Stacy Chris Margaret BVivGM Chris Marg candyWesley Chapelwoman caryellow firetruckGM alone4Purple Tutusdancing girl

The Drone 

Drone Very CLoseDroneDrone above flagsDrone Biddle CHiromini poniesDCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPROdrone looks1DCIM100GOPRODCIM100GOPRODrone up closeDCIM100GOPRO


Photos by Viv Sade and Bob Allman for the Churubusco News.

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