Churubusco senior named ‘Rookie of the Year’ at Gas City

Trenten would like to thank his family for supporting and sponsoring him this year;  Grandma and Grandpa Beezley, Uncle Tommy, Todd Sherman, Kathy & Eric, Aunt Jann & Uncle Dan, Sue Anne’s Restaurant in Warren, Indiana and especially his mom and step-dad for everything they did to make this year possible. 

Trenten’s future plans include attending the University of Northwestern (UNOH) in Lima, Ohio for high performance automotive training.  UNOH is in part a “racing” college, as they have a street stock and modified that they race at Limaland in Lima, Ohio.  Trenten hopes to be one of the lucky students that get to work on and/or drive one of the school’s race cars while attending there next year.

Trenten will be racing in the 100 lap figure eight  enduro at New Paris Speedway this Saturday, September 26.

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