Churubusco police reports

Feb. 19

0605 two handgun permits.

0944 paperwork completed.

1630 Copsgear here to fix spare car.

2050 assist county, vehicle in a field in 4200 block of North Blue Lake Road. County handing.

2300 Lassus detail.

Feb. 20

0411 traffic stop, verbal warning for speed at Main and Whitley streets.

0745 school detail.

0925 handgun permit

1500 school detail.

1720 respond to Holiday Park reference a rotting deer carcass in a pickup. Conservation officer took the case.

Feb. 21

0950 school detail.

1517 property damage crash State Road 205 and U.S. 33.

1710 crash report completed and sent.

2230 finished crash report and case from Sunday.

Feb. 22

0615 handgun permit.

0745 school detail.

1045 funeral detail.

1630 assist school resource officer at Shady Grove reference school issue.

1930 assist school resource officer on County Road 500 East in Noble County reference another school issue.

2330 suspicious vehicle at school administration building. Subject sleeping in his car.

Feb. 23

0750 school detail.

2300 assist county on Timberlane reference a trespassing. County handled it.

Feb. 24

0515 vehicle gone through on North Mulberry Street. Found out later there were several vehicles gone through around town.

0610 located a possible suspect in vehicle break-ins. Still investigating.

0900 a wallet was located from one of the vehicles and returned to owner.

1010 found an iPhone and returned it to the owner.

1305 Columbia City Police Department advised they had several vehicles gone through a week ago.

1830 road hazard at Main and Whitley streets. Cleaned up the hazard.

1910 possible drunk driver southbound U.S. 33 from Merriam.

1930 stopped the vehicle driver was fine.

2300 Lassus detail.

Feb. 25

0104 disabled vehicle at Line and Clingerman. She has help coming.

1823 issued a deer kill permit on U.S. 33 near Prosystems.

1927 possible drunk driver passed out at County Road 650 East and U.S. 33. Unable to locate.

2300 Lassus detail.

March 4

0700 washed and checked over spare care.

2045 assisted Allen County at personal injury crash on Carroll Road.

2300 Lassus detail.

March 5

0745 school detail.

0958 subject in to report discarded needles on South Washington Street.

1630 senior citizen on Rapp Drive is without power. Found a dead squirrel near the pole and the breaker was tripped.

1700 lockout at Blue River apartments.

1810 speeding black Jaguar northbound on U.S. 33 from Carroll Road.

2300 Lassus detail.

March 6

0702 assist state at Main and Tulley streets reference an habitual traffic violator driver.

0745 school detail.

1430 VIN check on station.

1500 school detail.

1600 cleaning guns.

1800 assist county with warrant service 233 W. Whitley St.

2300 Lassus detail.

March 7

0945 school detail.

1015 handgun permit.

1100 squad to Copsgear.

1500 VIN check at school.

2030 assist county with possible prowler on Harrold Road. Unable to locate.

2300 Lassus detail.

March 8

0615 bag of trash at intersection State Road 205 and U.S. 33.

0830 contacted DCS about an investigation.

1933 personal injury crash in front of Subway. Turned out to be a property damage only.

2240 assist medics party choking on Windsor Drive.

2300 Lassus detail.

March 9

0745 school detail.

1740 614 W. Whitley St. Has a dog in their yard no collar and no tags. Took to shelter.

1830 subject on station reference a civil matter. Purchased a car from a local resident and can’t get it titled. Referred to the prosecutor’s office.

2215 personal injury crash, single vehicle, at U.S. 33 and County Road 650 East. County worked.

2310 transported one passenger from crash to Citgo.

March 10

0020 assist with traffic while pole being replaced at crash site on U.S. 33.

0815 assist county on a 9-1-1 dead call on East State Road 205. Cellphone issue.

0900 did a CAD report on crash in front of Subway. No injuries and less than $1,000 in damage.

0905 car in ditch in front of Turtle Town Plaza.

1210 assist county at a property damange crash 6000 block U.S. 33. County worked.

1500 subject turned in a fire radio.

1530 subject in and advised there were three more Shepherds at Timberlane address. Forwarded to the county.

1600 Sheriff’s deputy out at the residence, no one opened door and no dogs barking.

1630 out at 323 W. Whitley St. to see if they know where the dogs are. They don’t.

March 11

1500 assist the county, someone is walking their dog alongside the car at County Road 575 North and Blue Lake Road. Unable to locate.

1530 respond to 335 Coal Street reference a trailer blocking the road. They moved it.

2300 Lassus detail.

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