Churubusco Police reports

Jan. 1

2136 protective order violation on Millstone Run. Long formed to prosecutor’s office.

Jan. 2

0804 property damage crash near Turtle Run and Wheatfield. Car into mailboxes.

0910 disabled vehicle left in roadway on County Road 375 North, east of U.S. 33. Made contact with owner and told him county would have it towed if he didn’t get it moved.

0940 crash report done and sent.

Jan. 3

0937 theft from a trailer on Jewel Court. Occurred Dec. 30 or Dec. 31. Fiberglass ladder and several other items. Victim is to bring in a list.

2300 Lassus detail.

Jan. 4

1405 out with a slide-off at the end of Mill Street.

1620 Dodge truck tearing up property on Commerce Drive. Found driver at STAR bank. Minimal damage, if any.

2100 Social Security card turned in.

2300 Lassus detail.

Jan. 5

0820 delivered emergency message to resident on South Main Street.

1450 drive off at Citgo, a white truck. Still investigating.

1630 traffic patrol at Kreager Drive and U.S. 33.

2322 made contact reference the Social Security card.

Jan. 6

0005 sent a fax to U.S. Army recruiter reference to a wanted subject.

1140 possible personal injury crash at Eagle Drive and Washington Street. Vehicle into concrete wall. Indiana State Police already on scene. Driver arrested by the trooper on a warrant and possession of drugs. Passenger transported by medics.

Jan. 7

0233 domestic problem at a residence on Home Avenue. Female is at neighbors and male half is gone.

0327 subject called in and advised her friend ran out of gas at Lassus. I had her put it in neutral and pushed her to the pumps. Got her gas and her friend showed up and they were on their way.

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