Churubusco Police reports

Feb. 20

0005 Lassus detail.

0745 school detail.

1020 lockout on Mill Street.

1510 heading to Occupational Health for drug screen.

1600 subject called about 2010 squad car. He wants to make an offer.

2117 investigation at Vandalia apartments. Turned over to Indiana State Police detective.

2305 advised a Pokeman couple that the park was closed.

Feb. 21

0005 Lassus detail.

0200 ISP Det. Andrew Mills brought a subject in for an interview.

0720 bus 22 had a stop arm violation. Will mail a ticket.

0745 school detail.

0815 dropped off some paperwork at STAR Insurance.

1210 subject in about his beagle taking off. Has a collar with rabies tag and is chipped.

1500 school detail.

1646 attempted warrant service on Blue Lake Road.

1706 welfare check on an older gentleman attempting to hitch hike. Unable to locate.

Feb. 22

0745 school detail.

0750 picked up two dogs at dentist’s office. Have had these two before. Humane shelter on the way to get them.

1333 property damage crash on Windsor Drive, car vs. mailbox.

1512 crash report done and sent.

1630 2010 squad car is sold.

1800 CPR refresher course.

Feb. 23

0800 CPR refresher course.

1236 a flip phone was turned in. Called a number on it and she said the owner was working in town here.

1500 school detail.

1530 traffic stop, verbal warning for speed.

1600 subject sitting on porch at apartment where he is not aloud to be at Vandalia.

1610 unable to locate subject.

1845 located subject and served him a protective order.

Feb. 24

0235 traffic stop, verbal warning for speed on Main Street.

0309 traffic stop, citation for speed at U.S. 33 and Dana Drive.

0750 school detail.

1500 school detail.

Feb. 25

0615 subject locked between doors at school. Got her in.

0710 domestic dispute at McDonalds between mother and daughter. They are settled down now.

0810 disabled vehicle on Blue Lake Road near C.R. 550N. Sherffi’s deputy located the owner.

1600 out at McDonalds reference a possible intoxicated male. Was diabetic. Medics handled.

Feb. 26

0005 Lassus detail.

0700 domestic dispute on C.R. 900E. Female was battered. Then she shot up the house and his truck. Sheriff’s department is working the case.

1550 traffic stop, verbal warning for speed.

2244 traffic stop, verbal warning for speed at U.S. 33 and Dana Drive.

2259 citation for speed Main Street and Mill Street.

2344 out with an unattended vehicle in the park.

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